Join the international LHON (Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy) community for a free interactive live virtual event on the LHON Awareness Day on Monday 19 September 2022 (13:00-15:00 CEST - Zoom).

Hear about an exciting research project into LHON and learn about rehabilitation when living with vision loss.

Learn about a pioneering research study into LHON, and find about more about rehabilitation when living with vision loss at our free webinar. Join others living with LHON, carers, researchers and heath care professionals. During this interactive event, there will be plenty of time to ask questions and engage in discussion.

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LHON Awareness Day is hosted by IMP. Thank you to the members of the LHON EU group who initiated the establishment of LHON Awareness Day in 2020.

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Thank you to all those in the global LHON community who joined last year's event on 19 September 2021.


2021 "The Importance of Technology for LHON Patients"

Technology can make an immeasurable difference to someone with LHON. It can enable vision impaired people to maintain independence, perform in jobs that otherwise would be inaccessible to them, excel in education, participate in social activities, and accomplish everyday tasks.

But keeping up with new technology can be challenging and time consuming. Michele Landolfo is an expert on the use of technology by vision impaired people. He shared key information about how technology can improve the quality of lives of people with LHON.

Michele was joined by members of the LHON community from around the world to discuss the impact of technology on their lives. They shared the successes they have had with different technologies.

During this interactive event, questions were posted and addressed by the speakers.

IMP has worked with experts in LHON to produce a brochure aimed at patients, their families and ophthalmologists. Please download it and share it with your eye doctor and with others to help them understand more about LHON.

The brochure is currently available in English and Italian. It will be translated into other languages where possible.